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$10 Off Purchase Of $50 Or More
$20 Off Purchases Of $100 Or More
$40 Off Purchases Of $200 Or More
$60 Off Purchases Of $400 Or More
10% Off Purchases upto $5,000


**Competitor Card Stock Coupons Available Now**
(Example: Home Depot, Menards, Harbor Freight, OSH, Ace & Other Stores.)

NEW ***Restaurant Coupons/Vouchers***NEW

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*Please understand that I stand behind my work. All you have to do is communicate with me (my contact info is at the bottom of this page) should you have any problems. There are factors involved in the coupon marketplace that are out of my control, and although I can not control these external issues - I can make things right with you, my customer.

Remember to always keep your receipts. If you miss a discount you can often times take the receipt back to customer service within 30 days of the date of purchase along with one of these working coupons, and they will retroactively honor the discount either with cash back or credit added back on your credit card.

Additional Information

*The coupons are good for one time use and each offers certain advantages. There are some minor limitations that you can read once you receive the coupon. Other than that you are good to go with almost all store products.

*Digital Coupon Orders are now sent automatically - usually within 2 minutes- after PayPal has notified us of a payment - there should be rare & few exceptions. If you do not receive your order and it has been longer than 30 minutes since it was placed - please email, text or, call. Your order will be given top priority so you can have immediate use of your purchase.

*The coupons are sent as a PDF attachment document. Once you receive them they can immediately be print for use, or you can simply have the cashier scanned the coupon bar-code from your smart phone.

*Card Stock Orders (Competitor Coupons) will be mailed through the US Postal Service within 24 hours.


Tips To Guarantee Quick & Easy Receipt Of Your Order.
First: Make sure the email address you have listed with your PayPal account is correct. Your order will always be sent to the email account associated with your PayPal payment. If your address is wrong - you will experience problems and should write to me at

Second: You can guarantee delivery to your in-box simply by white listing my sending email addresses. I use 3 addresses to send your order - they are - starting with the one that is used with the auto-delivery system and which is most important;

How to safe list email addresses for the various email service providers.
It is really a simple process but each email provider has a little different process.

Click Here To Add Email Addresses To Your Safe List

Note: If you prefer not to safe list my email addresses you can still receive the orders but they may not always go to your
e-mail in-box. If you do not see the email with your order from me in your in-box
- that means it has probably gone to your Junk / Spam Folder.

In that case - Please make sure to check your Junk/Spam folder.
It is there.


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Call OR Text: 910-274-8075

Final Comment

We want your repeat business. Once you have used these coupons you will want one everytime you shop for home and garden supplies. Save this web address so you can order as needed.


Please understand all coupons that are provided through this website are Free. However, the charge is for the collection, delivery and maintenance associated with these coupons.